Thursday, 12 December 2013


I am not as fond of cooking as of eating!But at times I make things. Simple recipes. Fast and with few ingredients. Whatever I may have at home.
1. Boiled vegetables gratin!
Put boiled potatoes, carrots and broccoli (left over from a salad) in a pan.
Add grated cheeses and some creme fresh and put in the oven for a little while.Delicious!
2. Potato soup.(Similar recipe here.)
Boil potatoes and some carrots. Puree and add some bacon on top! Excellent!
I love making muffins though and some call me the Muffin Queen.
3.These are cocoa muffins. Add two table spoons cocoa powder in the mixture.
4.That was my son's request. Home made twix. Ok don't try them. They cost too much to buy the ingredients, they are messy and it took us a whole week to eat all that and we shouldn't have. I bought a twix bar to compare the taste. Ok homemade were different but the cost makes them not worthwhile.
Ingredients(milk, butter,caramel candy,biscuits,chocolate)
Cover a pan with film.
Add melted chocolate.
 Add biscuits in tiny pieces with butter.
 Pay attention that the dog does not it that!
 Add melted caramels with milk.
Cover with melted chocolate. (That was messy!) Here is the recipe.
5. Homemade potato chips. 
We avoid buying potato chips.Hubby bought this cheap useful kitchen tool to cut cabbage and it is great to cut very thin potato chips and fry in olive oil.Add some salt. Great, one of a kind snack!
 That everyone wants to eat!

6. After general demand I made my Christmas muffins once again and offered them to the KEPKA workshop.
They are with much less sugar, added grated cheeses, feta cheese, dill and fresh sweet red peppers


Unknown said...

That's another thing we have in common then, we like to eat more than cooking, haha!
Those little muffins look yummy!

Mii Stitch said...

I'm ravenous just ready your post & looking at these yummy pictures :)

Valma said... at home...the's hubby =D
I ate cooking ! but I love eating
I do very desserts but only because I don't eat them (I'm not a great fan of desserts =D strange isn't it ?)

Sarah in Stitches said...

Oh wow, you just made me so hungry! :D

Unknown said...

OMG! It looks so delicious:)

barbara@sparrowavenue said...

I haven't been by as I've been so tied up with the last show for the year.
But I wanted to say how much I love the new header on your blog!!

the melted chocolate/caramel etc. reminds me of Nanimo Bars

butterfly said...

Every thing looks so yummy.

Anonymous said...

yum, yum!
delicious post!