Saturday 8 December 2012

Showing friends' work

I have lots of friends around the world who are very creative. They make various things which I consider art.
At times and when my financial situation allows it I buy their work.
Here is a post about those people and their work.
So when Paula of otchipotchi introduced her new line of Christmas porcelain ornaments I bought a set. They are lovely and very affordable. I will also show a pic when I put them on my tree. You can buy them here.

 Also Sonia from Cozymemories introduced a new line of cardholders, lovely for little gifts and stocking fillers.You can find them here.
 Another person I really admire Margie from Resurrection Fern blog makes these lovely crocheted stones and takes photos of them. Here is my wall paper for December. Yes I know it is a bit summery but I prefer it that way.It reminds me of the sun and the sea and that's good for my mood and for the very rainy and cold weather we are having now.
Another sea glass friend Bev, just made a sea glass book. I haven't bought it yet but many sea glass friends have and they say it is very good. So you can find it here.
Photo by Bev Jacquemet.
I recently bought something from etsy from a seller I didn't know but they were very good so here is what I bought at a very good price from The Realm Collectibles.

Well and because as the Greek saying has it..."If you don't praise your house, it will fall on you!" I have to say a little bit about my etsy shop thalasseaglass. I am having a 20% discount on all items till December 21st.
Use coupon code XMAS2012.
I am hoping to add more items during the holidays.


Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

Ah, Ariadne, you are very kind :) Thank you very much ! Your purchases are beautiful & well chosen, and all the sellers you've shopped from do appreciate the fact that you support small businesses during the holidays, and all year round.
Thank you for your support !

mijbil said...

SO much inspiration in these pics! :) Thanks for sharing, and I really hope you'll find the time to carry on with your creative projects!
Big hugs from Sweden,


paula said...

Thank you Ariadne for being such a good friend! :)
enjoy *

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Beautiful featured items! It is inspiring to see so much creativity.

Thank you for the lovely Christmas ornament! It is the centerpiece for my Christmas wreath since I do not have a tree this year.

Wishing you Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year Adriadne!

butterfly said...

Lovely post again.hugs.