Saturday 29 December 2012

Christmas gifts.

We are trying to keep this Christmas at low budget and we are not exchanging gifts, not expensive ones anyway.
Still I got some gifts so here they are.
This sewing machine from hubbie. This one was not a surprise as we went for it together at the supermarket and bought it at a very good price along with its accessories back in October. Guess what? I haven't used it yet!

This little Christmas glass tree from my brother for my collection. He was rather disappointed to see that we didn't decorate the collection this Christmas but we really didn't have any free space for it!LOL!

And this porcelain transferware bowl that again hubby bought for me this time when I saw it at the antique flea market. I made the discussion on the price though and got it for very cheap. If anyone can help with identifying it I would be obliged.

Of course we received sweets and wine from my best friend and lots of gifts in the mail which I will show later!
Thank you everyone for sending wishes through the mail and by e-mails and comments here on the blog and on facebook. I am sorry if I have missed some comments or have not answered to every one. I am still working on my Christmas mail which has not been completed yet!
Enjoy the holidays!


Annuk said...

Beautiful Christmas gifts!!! Useful presents and/or presents made with the heart are the best ones! Enjoy!

Unknown said...

Great , a sewing machine! That's a wonderful gift and very useful, you'll see!And the glass Xmas tree is beautiful,too!