Thursday, 27 December 2012

It's good to have a family Christmas!

Sorry if the title sounds a bit nostalgic to all those who spent Christmas away from family and relatives....

What I enjoy about Christmas is that first I am not tired because I don't work and second because we meet with the family.
(blurred photos of the tree...I was playing with the camera)
So on Christmas Eve after a short visit from my brother and sister-in-law I made some popcorn and then we watched IceAge4. It was great! I love children's movies that are fun to be watched by adults as well.
(The lights of Finland still shine over my sea glass gifts from around the world thanks to Johanna who sent me little light bulb replacements)
Then at midnight I opened the two parcels I had under the tree from Juliana and Marabeth. I will show you what was inside in a later post.
(I added some Christmas lights in a frosty bottle and that stands next to my caroler, another of Marabeth's gifts from previous years)
Bytheway I must remember next year not to show my cookies and chocolates photos on the blog before I actually give them because I spoil the surprise!My brother and sister-in-law knew what their sweets would be from the blog!Oooops!
On Christmas day I made my friend Areti's feta cheese pie for the first time to take to my brother's and it was a success!
Here it is...
So we had Christmas dinner at my brother's.
There was stuffed turkey of course with potatoes and lots of salads and appetisers.
Don't you find this type of broccoli strange?It was delicious though! And after some questions I looked it up. It is called Chou Romanesco and it is a Roman type of broccoli-cauliflower.What is most strange about this is that it's a natural fractal and has a Fibonacci number in its spirals. If you have read The DaVinci Code you understand!
I didn't take many photos of the food as I had my mind in eating it!LOL!
And then there were sweets...

My sister-in-law made Christmas chestnut log and my brother made baklava. Yummie!

"What shall I eat?" wonders my niece.
Of course I admired all of my brother's Christmas glass tree collection!
Hope you all had a great day!


Unknown said...

Hi Ariadne,
Your blogging is great as usual!I am amongst the ones in your first sentence, away from loved ones!
Love the glass Xmas trees, they are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

oh, so much food! :D
this is broccoli...?
i thought it was decoration!!!!
beautiful family moments!
sent you my best wishes for the new year ariadne!

Kayakgirl46 said...

Hi Ariadne! What a delightful blog. It was so lovely seeing the picture of your family all eating together! I have to say my family is far but i thank God for the internet and phone..Skype is a wonderful tool then i can see and here them! TEE HEE! I so enjoyed seeing your Christmas Tree, the presents from all over the world seaglasser's...isn't that amazing that we have found each other that in itself is such a gift to me. Your brothers glass trees are beautiful. The food looked great but the picture of where the brocoli was had me stumped, i must have looked at it 10 times making sure what i thought you said was brocoli..i've never seen that kind before...amazing. I thought it was a center piece of pine cones at first, then sand art...i am still amazed at it, it was so cool to see! Well i wish you and your family a happy, healthy New Year! Donna from Cape May New Jersey

butterfly said...

Looks like you and your family had a lovely Christmas,love your brothers Glass tree's I have one they are so cute.Hugs

Annuk said...

Quiet, cozy family Christmases are the best! :) Glad you had a lovely one! We gathered at my brother and sister-in-law's too at Christmas Eve! :)
Filakia from the Alps!

Carole said...

Wonderful to see your holiday celebrations.
Happy New Year