Monday 24 December 2012

Getting ready for Christmas...

Thank you all so very much for your comments and for being here. I am still unable to answer directly on the comments so I just try to use personal e-mails for that.
I am trying to catch up with my favourite blogs too but they are too many.
Anyway last night I wrote a couple of Christmas cards and prepared a couple of packets so they are off this morning not in time for Christmas unfortunately. I still have more cards to write and letters and e-mails.....
I spent the whole of this morning baking. Here are the things I made....
Chocolate chip orange peel little muffins in Marabeth's muffin tray,
  White chocolate almond truffles,
  caramel chip, whole hazelnut dark chocolates and white chocolate, almond, cranberry cookies I found in Paula's otchipotchi blog. She always makes lovely cookies for Christmas.
And here is the dish I sent to my mother-in-law. Wrapped and ribbons added of course.
These are for relatives and friends and for us as well. As you can see I am not the one to make the usual Greek melomakarona and kourabiedes sweets that are traditional. Maybe I will make some later.
We will spend Christmas Eve at home just relaxing. I will open my presents from my friends abroad.Juliana's and Marabeth's parcels are under the tree I am so looking forward to this!
And we will probably watch a movie I think it is going to be Ice Age 4. When we first watched Ice Age 1 my son was small and we still went to the cinema together watching children's movies. I admit I miss that!
So popcorn and movies tonight, cozy with candles and the tree lights for us. Maybe a hot soup too.
I hope you enjoy a relaxing sweet atmosphere on Christmas Eve wherever you are.
from all of us here!
(Star and Joy ornaments made by me, Peace dove ornament made by my Portuguese pen friend Maria Jose)


paula said...

Happy Christmas lovely Ariadne ... may it be a peaceful one!
love + joy *

ps: so happy you made the cakes ... enjoy!:)

Annuk said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family!!! And enjoy those wonderful, yummy looking sweets! :D

Dream on the wave said...

You have been busy! Everything looks yummy. Have a wonderful Christmas with love from all of us.

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Everything looks delicious! And the ornaments are lovely. Merry Christmas Ariadne!

butterfly said...

Happy Christmas , Love all your wonderful cooking.
All looks so yummy.