Monday, 3 December 2012

Life is full of happy moments and sad moments....

I know I haven't blogged for some time but as the title says life is like that, filled with all kinds of moments....
and I am starting with the most recent and unfortunately the saddest moment.
On Saturday my son was the witness of the death of a young man at a motorcycle accident at his dad's village. He and his friends were playing football when a motorcycle roared by and in a flash they heard the awful sound of the accident. They immediately ran to the spot and they saw the young man die on the street.
For a teenager to witness the death of a young person is shocking.I know he will never forget it in his life as I have never forgotten the deaths I have witnessed in mine. But that is how life is and maybe he will grow more mature through this.
Sorry I made you sad at the beginning of my blogpost today but I wanted to share this with all of you old and new readers and followers.
To happier things...
December, which came rushing in with sunshine, then torrential rain and then cold and sunshine (today), is leading us fast to Christmas and I am not ready, not ready at all.
I haven't decorated yet or cleaned up or put the carpets.
I haven't written Christmas cards or made parcels.
And I really don't know when I will as there are so many things happening here.
For example last Wednesday 28th hubby and I spent hours outside the courthouse supporting our friend teacher who was on trial unfairly accused for assault against the German delegate. Fortunately he and the co-accused where found innocent which made us really really happy!We were all crying outside the courthouse that day!
Here is a video of the short speech our friend made after the trial.
"...I fight for my children , my grandchild to be and my students..." he said in court and everyone applauded.

Edited on the same day: Unfortunately the three accused are going to be in court again for the same accusations as the Public Prosecutor of the area decided that the result of the trial was false!

On the other hand school goes on as usual with all the things we have to do before Christmas!!! Tests and grades and songs and lots more! I am ready with the tests and the grades,that's good!So I will be spending all the next weeks singing all kinds of Christmas songs at all levels!
It was hubby's birthday last week and at last I told him what my gift for him is. At first he was shocked because I told him "I will give you your present in six months although I got it three months ago!" I don't know why but he thought I was pregnant and wasn't happy at all.LOL! That wasn't intentional I assure you!
Well his gift is a painting he admired very much some time ago at an exhibition but could not buy as he thought it was rather expensive. I made a secret arrangement with the painter Konstantinos Kougioumtzis and the painting will be with us in six months after travelling around Greece and abroad to various exhibitions! Themis was absolutely thrilled with the news!
Here's a photo of the painting showing Karaghiozis as a soldier at the war for the liberation of Macedonia.
A couple of shadow puppet performances will be given by hubby this month to benefit various causes. It is this time around Christmas we do such things.
Finally an announcement....
We are rehearsing heavily to prepare for a performance with the Teachers' Association Drama Club to present our play Koutornithia at the State Theatre to benefit children with cancer and their society Lampsi.
So whoever from my local friends wants to attend and contribute  this will take place on December 16th at 11 in the morning at the State Theatre ( Θέατρο Εταιρείας Μακεδονικών Σπουδών) with a ticket of 7 euros, all procceeds go to Lampsi. We are so happy and proud with this collaboration!


Anonymous said...

that was a very bad and sad situation.
even more when it happens to a young person.
and your son must be deeply shocked.
so many accidents with motorcycles.

happy birthday to your husband!
the time for receiving his gift really looked
like a baby was coming :))

what is the play talking about?
congratulation for this collaboration!

Dream on the wave said...

What a tragic experience for your son to have to witness such a terrible accident, I can imagine how upset he must be.
For your dear husband a very happy belated birthday. I wish I could come to your show but unfortunately it is the same day as our Christmas bazaar. In fact I will be coming to Thessaloniki the very next day and I am looking forward to seeing you then.
Many greetings, Frieda