Wednesday 5 December 2012

Finding beauty everywhere....

that's my motto...
if I don't think in this way the ugliness around me, the cruelty, the hatred, the indifference, the injustice will hurt me deeply for sure. And I am not going to allow that.
So here are some pictures from the beautiful mosaics that adorn the barber shop opposite my school. The owner, a young man trying to start a business in such difficult times, was very kind to allow me to take pictures of his father's art.
Musicians and dancer

And some beautiful delicious gifts from Turkey.

And two night photos from the semi-marathon that took place in the city again for the 100 years of the liberation of our city.

No matter how cold or how dirty this city is you can still see its beauty!

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Lisa said...

Great motto. I try to do the same. Beautiful art work.