Saturday 8 September 2012

August-love at first sight.

When our friends and neighbours at the beach house (whose son found that amazing sea glass piece!) brought their new addition to their family there I fell in love at once. In fact every one did.
So here I am introducing little Freddy,the Maltese dog.

 We were lucky to do dogsitting for our friends and Freddy spent time at our home too.
 Love love love
 Oooops she got me eating her slipper!
 Ha,ha I was just playing!
 Ain't I cute?
 Oh yes! I miss him already!I hope we will spend time together next summer!


Ruth Ludlam said...

What a cute dog! Reminds me of our dog Fluffy, when I was growing up. Do you think you'll ever have a pet of your own, Ariadne?

Lisa said...

Very very cute puppy!!! I have 2 little shih tzu dogs. Very cute the kids wanted them and said I will take care of them. Guess what I am the only one taking care of them, lol but I guess that is what happens.

butterfly said...

Oh just like my little Molly and Mindy , my babies, no longer with me Molly past away at 10 yrs and Mindy was with us for 18 years wonderful dogs but their coats need allot of work but sooooo cute.

Carole said...

Oh what a bundle of love. Petey would love him too.