Saturday 15 September 2012

This and that on a cold autumn day

After months and months of absolute drought yesterday it started raining cats and dogs.....
This week was not tiring at all although school started.
I worked full time from day one although there are still teachers who haven't been positioned at school as they should have.
Also we started our Drama Club rehearsals which was fun as we had a drink afterwards watching the rain.
Here are a few things to show you.
A pair of shoes with the British flag on them. Because of the Olympics Union Jack was everywhere. These were on sale and I will probably wear them a lot.

 A summer tunic that a friend gave me. I don't mind second-hand use. It is lovely and she didn't want it any more.
 Two books I recently read.
Red Riding Hood  by Sarah Blaklie-Cartwright which is based on the movie screen play. It is about a warewolf and of course it is a teenager's reading. It was a gift for my son but he didn't want to read it so I did.
The other was my first September reading and I chose it because of the title. It is The English Teacher by the Indian writer P.K.Narayan. I didn't really enjoy that one and am glad I didn't spend too much on it. Maybe it has to do that I do not understand Indian philosophy of life.
 And a curb find. A lovely wooden chair. Today I found one more of a different design and hubbie didn't let me take it saying that I first have to find out what I will do with this one. I guess he is right.


Pesky Cat Designs said...

Look forward to seeing the transformation of the chair. Have a lovely weekend. :)

butterfly said...

Love the shoe's and your top.
Have a good weekend. hugs.

Samplers, Silks and Linens said...

I think that wooden chair is a great find - wish I had found it! ;)