Sunday 30 September 2012

Flowers and sea glass

I had a fun weekend. I will show you tomorrow.I hope you enjoyed yours.
Here are a couple of photos I took last week.
This plant suddenly grew in one of my pots and its blooming with these strange flowers. Does anyone know what it is?

 A little fellow is living in my balcony.
 I arranged some sea glass in this lovely bottle.

 I bought this violet.
 Don't you love those sea glass decorations Juliana and Lynne have gifted me with?They are there all year long.
I have disabled word verification after June's suggestion(thanks dear!)so that it is easier for people to leave comments. So I only keep comment moderation. Do leave comments;I love reading them. I still have no other way to answer them but through the next posts or directly to your e-mail.
Have a great October!I can't believe it is already here!


Denise said...

Your mysterious plant is called
poke sallet. Where I come from
(Georgia, USA) it use to be common to cook the tender leaves with bacon
fat (I've never eaten any myself!).
Also, the berries were used to make natural dye.

Lisa said...

I have seen that plant here in new york too. I dont know what it is called but it grows here wildly on the side of the roads and parks. I love the star, did you make it?

butterfly said...

Wonderful photo's love the jar of sea glass, hugs.