Thursday 6 September 2012

August sea glass

Thank you all for reading on and commenting. I still cannot answer directly, I wonder if I will find this ever. So sometimes I will be replying in the next blogpost. Or I can e-mail you if your e-mail is given in your name.
Anyway thanks for reading even if you don't comment.
So to go on with my summer holiday in August.
Spending so much time by the sea and being so impatient by nature to sit still I walked a lot around the beach. And I collected a lot of sea glass. So here it is.
The red and orange pieces are tiny and unfortunately plastic!
 I loved that special turquoise triangle.
 Hubby found that light blue cup handle.
 And another bead.
 Special blue.
 That looks like a piece of mosaic in the shape of a shoe.
 A friend found this at another beach.
 A loot.
 A round piece.
 I love the sand on this one.
 Toys found in the sand. The tops are much tumbled.
 This one looks like the Greek flag.
 I rarely find abalone at my beach. I found this while snorkeling.
 I can see two lightnings on this stone!
 A perfect round flat pink piece!
 That's an old piece I just took a picture of now.
 Another button. It looks like a flower on the other side but the photo I took of that one is blurred!Don't you love the shell?

A piece of advice!Collect even the smallest piece of the usual green glass! When I looked at this very closely with a magnifier I found out it is a glass button with small dots on its perimeter!Sorry the photo does not show it.
 This amazing find which is probably the down part of a wine glass or a stopper was found while snorkeling in the shallow waters!I couldn't believe my luck!It is absolutely perfect!
 Another type of blue.
 That blue next to a tiny blue and half a bead which is probably a good luck charm!
 A green with a bubble.
 A tile with flowers.
 An amber piece.
 Urchins found while snorkeling.
 A green peapod glass piece along with a red plastic star button and a green button.


Sharon said...

What beautiful pictures of treasures from the sea! Thanks for sharing the pretties! :)

Lisa said...

wow great finds.Lucky you, I do not find such great treasures here.

jelly andrews said...

Wow! So pretty! It is really amazingly beautiful. Thank you for sharing this one.