Tuesday 1 November 2011

Happy November

I hope at least it will turn happier because it started very bad!
Last night we heard on the news that our Prime Minister is planning a public vote/survey about whether we should accept the European policy on our debt or not.
A huge turmoil followed! Stock markets sunk, people started getting even more afraid for instability and bankruptcy.
Today I was reading an article about how much my salary will go down again in the next couple of months due to the various financial measures taken and most of which are made on the salaries of the civil servants like me and to pensioners.
On top of all that I am down with a bad cold with headache and temperature so I am not feeling well at all.
Today I will show you a couple of photos from something  I started stitching recently.
As it is a gift I will only show it partly and explain more when it is finished and given.

I am not a quick stitcher.
Anyway simultaneously I started another gift for someone who will be visiting in November.
Then I joined Becky's Xmas challenge just to make myself stitch some more. You can see it here.
Finally another stitcher friend from Germany Sylvia is having a free downladable chart of a little thief and it is very beautiful!
I have lots more to share from October but I am not really well to continue today!
Hope you are better than me!


amy said...

Oh life throws challenges doesn't it.
Sending you love and hope...

hugs (^.^) hope to hear from you *

Seamaiden said...

I'm so sorry I fell behind in keeping up with you, Ariadne. The economy is just a mess, the world over, and I feel for you, struggling as much as you are over in Greece right now. I hope you're over your cold. :(