Wednesday 30 November 2011

A gift delivered.

I hope not every one thinks that I only receive gifts.
Gifts and parcels are being given,posted,sent,delivered but some are personal and some are not handmade so I am not going to show these unless they are something really different.
Last weekend my cousin Platon was visiting the city to attend an Archaeological Conference. We didn't see him as much as we would like as he is also the Godfather of my son but we managed to spend a couple of hours together. I decided since it was his nameday as well to give him a handmade gift so I stitched these and framed them for his kitchen as he loved tea pots so much.

 I found the design in an old issue of Labores del Jogar, a magazine from Spain I used to buy years ago which has fantastic designs for cross stitch especially.

 It was very early on Sunday morning when we went to the airport to say good bye to my cousin who was leaving for Athens.That day I saw both the sunrise and the sunset!It was amazing!
 Platon always finds very clever gifts. Here is a series of pens for all of us! I kept them to show and use them at school with the little ones.


Marabeth said...

Not only are the designs you complete so lovely but you always seem to find a "just right" frame to compliment them.

Seamaiden said...

Gifts given and received are the oil that smooth the roadways of life - I enjoy seeing all the fun things you get from friends; it helps me to understand you and what you love even better. :)