Thursday 3 November 2011

Washing the sea glass

That's the whole of the sea glass I collected on the 27th October washed and getting dry. No, I didn't do it today;it is  a couple of days old pic. But I am still sick,going to school of course and cross stitching like a maniac at the same time!


Komyo said...

Your beach pottery is awesome! I especially love the white ones on terra cotta, like the beauty in the seventh picture!
Take care and get well soon!

SueT said...

Aren't they all gorgeous, would love to live near the sea, I used to love wandering on the beach when Mum and Dad lived in Scarborough!
Hope you're soon feeling better.
Sue T

Dream on the wave said...

Some nice pieces there Ariadne...quite a catch for one day! Get well soon and many greetings, Frieda
ps I still haven't written on my blog, with everything going on at the moment I just can't get into the right spirit somehow, unfortunately

Seamaiden said...

Excellent day out -what a terrific assortment of treasures to help you feel better! Thank you for all the wonderful photos. :)

Marabeth said...

You made quite a haul on this beach day!! Do you find there is more at this time of year than during the summer? Love the lone cornflower blue piece :)