Wednesday 23 November 2011

The colours of the rainbow.

I really enjoy teaching first and second graders this year for the first time after many many years. I download material from the site of the Ministry of Education. I spend a lot of time preparing things for the little ones and  quite some money,too. But I really enjoy singing and dancing and making things with them and it is so satisfying when they scream with joy when they see me. That's the fascinating part of teaching!
Here is the English corner in the 2nd grade.Words in English around us,pets and the rainbow.
 All classrooms  in my school have colourful curtains that filter the sunlight gorgeously and when there are decorations on the windows they look beautiful through.

 The rainbows of the first graders.
 I punched colourful butterflies and gave them to the kids to sing and fly with.


Anonymous said...

I love rainbows !! there isn't much anything cheerier than rainbows ! These curtains are so great ! And the rainbows themselves & butterflies soooo cute !

Marabeth said...

Such a colorful and inviting learning environment you have in your classroom! When I read that you love to sing with your students, I remember my years in second grade. It's always so much fun creating new lyrics for an old tune and link it to a particular lesson.

Seamaiden said...

I'll bet you're an exemplary teacher and friend to these little ones. I hope their happiness and innocence lift your spirits and bless you.