Monday, 11 June 2012

More cross stitched gifts.

At last some of the stitched gifts were received by their receipients so I can show you what I have been stitching lately.
This I finished back in March but delayed so much to post it to my friend Marabeth in the States. It is a gift for her first grandchild and I really wanted it to be special. An ABC sampler of course from an old Cross Stitcher magazine I had.

It is lovely isn't it? I am sorry Marabeth has to frame it herself but if I had it done here it wouldn't have survived the trip I suppose.
In fact I had stitched the same ABC sampler years ago for my son in a Round Robin with some lovely ladies all over the world.
It is still in my son's room. In fact he suggested that I gave this as a gift to Marabeth's grandson but I preferred to stitch it again adding all the details too so that my son can keep his.
Another gift I finished, had framed and gave as a present to our neighbourhood hairdresser friend who had twins is this one again from Cross Stitcher.

Isn't it sweet as well?
Another baby gift was something I bought for my son's new baby sister. A charm for the little princess which we, my son and I,gave together to her during a visit at the hospital.

Finally I would like to mention here a giveaway in another blog, a cross stitch blog you might like to join in, those of you who stitch.
Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe blog  belongs to Nancy,a generous lady who always does beautiful patterns and shares them with her readers in giveaways  so join in if you like. I have won once alraedy.
So now I am going back to my Balinese Dancer although I am quite tired of today's school day trip so I will probably call it a night!Good night!


Kathy A. said...

What beautiful stitches and gifts. I love the two little ones in the flower pots. and the little sweater - cute!

Lisa said...

Beautiful work. your stitches are so perfect. I bet the receipents will love them.

Hely said...

I love the Somebunny-design! well done :)