Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Romania Day 4- Romanian Orthodox Patriarchate

I am so very tired from the last couple of days at school that I did not do much stitching or blogging.
I have to go very early everyday and there are afternoon activities too. But everything ends up soon, tomorrow is the last day children will be there and then we teachers go till the 21st. So I think I can survive that!
Today I will start day 4 of Romania. The problem with my blog from now on is that I have no more free Picasa space to upload photos. I used it up by adding huge photos.  I tried to delete some of my Picasa photos and that resulted in being deleted in old blogposts in Blogger as well and I don't want that to happen.
Anyway the only thing I can do now is convert all my photos in very low pixels so that I can still upload them for free. It does not make much difference for you in viewing the blog but if you download my photos the details won't be that good. Anyway the problem is more in me. I have to copy every photo I want to upload in my photo file and then reduce it in size, upload it and then delete the copy from the file. Phew!
So Day Four in Romania was again a sightseeing tour of the city of Bucharest. Again the majority of the museums were closed as it was a Tuesday.
In the morning we were taken to the Romanian Orthdox Patriarchate.

 As it was the Holy week there was a service too. We attended a little bit of it.
 We mainly took some photos and left.

 I loved this funny sign outside the church. Keep off the grass.
As it takes me a long time to do the whole operation of reducing the pixels etc I will keep my blogposts short and with fewer photos I am really sorry. I know many of you have at times commented on how much you like the photos especially from trips but I cannot add as many any more.

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