Saturday, 9 June 2012

Romania Day 3 Sinaia

It took me quite a while to decide to continue writing about my trip to Romania back in April!
I can't believe how fast time flies and I don't find the time to write blogs as much as I would like. But a promise is a promise and I promised that before leaving for the summer house from where I won't be blogging(in fact I won't be on the Internet very often there!) I will finish all my blogposts.
So here comes Day 3 of our trip to Romania.
So on our third day,a Monday we started early as we had a whole day trip away from Bucarest.
The weather wasn't good but I didn't expect that during the day we would see all kinds of weather...even snow!
Our first stop was  at Sinaia, a beautiful mountainous town with gorgeous houses where it was still snowing and it was bitterly cold. I am so glad we got our winter clothes with us.

We moved to the Peles Castle which was unfortunately closed. If you ever travel to Romania remember all palaces and museums are closed Mondays and Tuesdays. We were lucky that access to the gardens of the palace was allowed so at least we saw it from the outside.

We could also see the outside of the inner yard with its beautiful paintings and huge carved doors.

The gardens were absolutely beautiful too.
And there is a statue of Queen Elisabeth of Romania doing embroidery.

Another side of the castle.

There were statues and ....

dew drops...
....and dogs.....
After the Castle we visited the Monastery of Sinaia.

The rest of our day trip will be on the next blogpost.

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