Sunday 10 April 2016

Spring thing

This week's word in Our Beautiful World was chosen by dear Kirsty of Handmade Little Things
and is
Spring thing.
It is Spring already here and we have seen some of its characteristics.
The weather is better, it is warmer, the sun shines during the day, days are longer and the morning and evening light are so sweet.
Everything is green and the trees are starting to bloom.

 I have very few flowers in my tiny balcony corner and some of the freesias and crocus bloomed so these are the ones I am showing you today.And especially the white freesias smellt so nice!

At school the vegetable garden of the kindergarten is doing very well and some scarecrows I gave them (gifts by dear Efi) are scaring the birds away!

We celebrated the National Holiday on the 25th of March with the traditional pupils' parade.
 And my mum made the traditional dish of the day fried cod with garlic sauce.
There was a day with hail too but that is a
Spring Thing 
too sometimes!
And on the 3rd of April hubby and I managed to run the 5000m which took place during
the 11th Alexander the Great Marathon in our city.

 He did 39 minutes by a fast walking pace and I did 43 minutes running and walking. We really loved it and plan to do this again!

That was one more
Spring thing
 we did!
You can join us in Our Beautiful World with your own
spring thing.


Kaisievic said...

Happy Spring and congrats on your walk.

Ros Crawford said...

Beautiful flowers Ariandne!! Well done to you and your husband on your success!

Poppy said...

Congrats on the marathons, Ariadne!

You've featured one of my favourite flowers, today: the beautiful and fragrant freesia!! They should be showing their pretty, tiny faces in my garden in Crete, by now. Oh, how I miss the island in spring!


Brigitte said...

Wonderful spring pictures with beautiful flowers and a bright blue sky.
Congratulations on doing the race successfully.

kathyinozarks said...

Good morning, I was enjoy seeing your beautiful photos-loved all the flowers and those scarecrows are too cute. I have been working on still walking more-my age is catching up with me this year so need to push harder. Enjoy your week

nikol said...

Οι όμορφες δροσερές φρέζιες είναι από τα πρώτα Ανοιξιάτικα λουλούδια και είναι τόσο όμορφα !!Χαίρομαι που πήρατε μέρος στον Μαραθώνιο Αριάδνη μου !!! Εξαιρετική εμπειρία !!! Και του χρόνου να το ξανακάνετε!! Τα φιλιά μου

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Lovely spring thing, the fried cod sure looks yummy, now I want to have that for dinner tonight! : ) and YAY for the marathon!

Marie-Anne said...

Συγχαρητήρια για την συμμετοχή σας στους αγώνες!!! Και βέβαια να το ξανακάνετε!!!
Υπέροχες οι φρέζες σου, Αριάδνη, είναι από τα αγαπημένα μου λουλούδια και ο κήπος μου είναι γεμάτος αυτή την εποχή!
Φιλιά και καλή εβδομάδα!

AppleApricot Wen said...

Wow, great job, well done on the 5k! Beautiful flowers you have there, Ariadne. Hugs xx

Sara said...

Beautiful and colourful flowers! Well done in the race! Be careful, running is addicting ;)

Alexa T said...

Congrats to you! beautiful things for Spring! So lovely blossoms and creative ideas to cultivar vegetable in garden of the kindergarten!
A lovely week ahead!