Monday 4 January 2016


So little sleeping and so much reading organized a reading challenge in 2015, the readathon15.
Out of 24 books that I had to read in certain categories I managed to read 22. Adding to that an extra book I read that didn't fall into any category I was almost there.
The reason I didn't make it was a bad last choice. I decided to read Cloud Atlas for the science fiction category. I didn't like it but insisted to read it and it took me 4 months to complete!Silly me! The books I read in 2015 were.
1. A book with a young protagonist (child or teenager). Very good!
 2.A book that takes place in a country you always wanted to travel. Some stories were good. I think the translation was not that good.
 3.A favourite book you wanted to read again. Very good.
 4. A book your loved one loves. Very good.
 5.A book you finished in a day. I don't really like reading poetry but there are a couple of good poems in this one.
 6.A poetry book. Same as the previous one.
 7.A book by an African writer. Excellent.
 8.A book of a series of books. I wasn't impressed.
 9. A detective story. Excellent. I love Ruth Rendell.
 10. A book by or about an LGBTQ. Absolutely great!Read it!
 11. A book by a favourite author you haven't read before.Very good.
 12. A book you discovered through So little sleeping and so much reading. Good.
 13. A book by a NOBEL prize winner. Absolutely great!Read it!
14.A book with an animal in the title or on the cover.Good.
15.A book you chose only for its cover..Nothing special.
 16.A funny book.Funny!
 17.A book by a publisher you don't often read.Excellent.
 18.A book with at least 600 pages.Excellent.
 19.A book you won or borrowed.Good.
20.A book that has been on your shelf for a very long time.Excellent.You should read it.
 21. A horror story.Excellent!
 22. A science fiction book.Ok I didn't like it or understand it so go watch the movie!It's really good!
I didn't make it to the challenge.22/24
But it was a good year for books. I read a lot. I went to the library to borrow books and find suitable books. I also bought a lot of cheap books at bazaars. I also joined bookcrossing having found one book and having released three.
I took part in the So little sleeping and so much reading bookmark competition too.Here's what I made.
I bought their badge too.
I am taking part in the readathon16 as well again with 26 books.
I also read one more book this year.
And really loved it. You should read this one too!
So many great books I read this year. Thanks So little sleeping and so much reading for the motivation!
If you have any questions about any of these books do not hesitate to ask me!


Marie-Anne said...

Don't be sad you didn't make it, Ariadne! You managed to read so many interesting books!!! Congratulations!!
I must have read about 20 myself...I'll go and count them down, just by!!!

Lillie said...

What a wonderful comments on the books you read, love your photo shoot of each book. Here's wishing you another great year of reading.

kathyinozarks said...

Happy New Year
Looks like an interesting collection to read. I got back into reading again-but I haven't chosen books to challenge me-I should try that