Sunday 10 January 2016


I mentioned a couple of days ago that I will be writing posts for Our Beautiful World and will be posting them every Sunday.
This week's word in Our Beautiful World was chosen by  Ros of  Mikey's Mum and  is the word
Here's my contribution to this.

My new favourite hobby is ceramics.
You must have understood, those of you who follow me on instagram or facebook,that I have been doing ceramics for some months now.
At some point back in June 2015 I had attended a talk on ceramics by George Vavatsis at the
Stamp Festival.
I had really liked that talk and since I really love ceramics I wanted to start some lessons at some point.
So after summer there was a meeting at the teacher's workshop hakahceramics to see how things will go.I decided to do the lessons.
 We started at the end of September and we do a three hour lesson every week.
We began by learning the basics, and made a small bowl on the first lesson.

And I realised that I loved what I was doing and I could probably do it well enough!
It became my
Every six weeks we do one theoretical lesson too, and we change the subject of what we will deal with at the whole session.
After seeing that first little bowl we continued with a bigger one. I really loved working on it for six weeks. It had to have a very small base and be well balanced.
It started somewhere like this.
 And continued

and ended up like this.

 See that tiny base?
This was followed by a presentation and talk on various artists of ceramics and the bowls they make! I was so impressed especially by the work of Halima Cassell and Alev Ebuzziya Siesbye.
Then we started a six-week session on the box. My box started as a big bowl.
 So I thought I could make a biscuit jar!
 I engraved it with dandellions.
 I coloured the engravings.
 Then trimmed it.
There is still a lot of work to be done but I am really happy about it!
The last lesson last week was on glazing our pieces.
I chose turquoise for my big bowl
 and transparent with cobalt blue rim for my small one.
I didn't glaze my biscuit jar yet. I know you can't see the colours yet because they haven't been in the oven yet!
Anyway I am really happy with my ceramics lessons!The teacher is great and so are his assistants Ifigenia and Georgia.
And I have two great talented colleagues learning ceramics too Efharis and Eleni.
This blogpost is my contribution to Our Beautiful World blog in which I have joined to contribute every week for the next six months at least.
You may follow the link here and add your own blogpost according to the subject we give every week or just to visit other people's blogs. I am sure you will enjoy your visit there.


devonseaglass said...


Ο κόσμος της Ράνιας said...

Πολύ ενδιαφέρον χόμπυ !!!!

Justine said...

How interesting and what beautiful pieces you made. They look very tactile.

Brigitte said...

Such great things that you created with your new hobby.

Ros Crawford said...

How interesting! Great photos Ariadne and I'm sure you'll be making many more gorgeous ceramics!

Jacqueline Morris said...

How wonderful!
Your a natural at this!
I love what you made, and those pretty flowers....
It must be very satisfying to see the end product after all that hard work.
Thank you for sharing this with us, awesome!!
Smiles :)

Purple Pixie Dust said...

can't wait to see the bowls finished. looks like allot of fun. hugs

kathyinozarks said...

I love your work-I have collected many pieces of handmade pottery over the years

zina said...

αυτα ειναι!!!! να το χαρεις το νεο χομπυ Αριαδνη μου κ εμεις τις δημιουργιες σου !

AppleApricot Wen said...

A wonderful new favourite hobby sweetie!! And wow, I'm in awe of the beauties you already made... Happy to have you on the OBW team! Big hugs xx

lynn cockrell said...

It looks as if you are having a great time working with ceramics. I learned to do another type of ceramics many years ago. It was different than what you are doing and involved the use of molds and liquid clay(something called slip). It was a lot of fun but I think I would enjoy working with the more solid forms of clay, as you are doing because it is probably much more satisfying and ceach piece is truly uniquely yours! Your bowls are looking really beautiful!

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

That is one cool piece of ART!!!!!

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

This is a wonderful hobby! You're very talented.

KimM said...

Delightful post and beautiful work.