Sunday 4 January 2015

This first week of January 2015...

So it is already the 4th of January and school is just around the corner.
Since the 1st of January...

  • ... I have already phoned most of the relatives and friends to wish them all the best for the New Year!
  • ...I have already had coffee with one of my oldest friends and it was so enjoyable to meet Katerina after sooooo many years! What a pity we don't live in the same city any more!
  • ...we have already watched a theatrical performance " Antigone" by Brecht performed by Paravates tis skinis.
  • ...I have already taken down all the Christmas decorations but have not put them in their boxes yet!
  • ...I have already learnt how to use my new camera NIKON Coolpix L810 (hubby's old one). It is very easy to use, unfortunately it does not take the best of pictures as it had an accident last year, was fixed (inside the guarantee period) but still does not do well.
  • ...I have already read a book (well, no cheating, almost, I still have  a couple of pages and will finish it tonight I guess!
  • ...I have already cleaned up one more year of photos (2009) for my Shutterfly photobook (I will explain that in another blogpost).
  • ...I have already made friends with lots of old students to send them photos from their school years with me.
  • ...I have already cleared up lots of facebook friends I didn't really know.Sorry!
  • ...I have already cleared up my blog reading list and kept only the blogs I want to read and to which I like leaving comments to! What's blog reading without commenting from time to time, right?
  • ...I have already answered the majority of my e-mails and have now only 25 e-mails in my inbox (out of which only three are in need of an answer).
  • ...We have already been to one open flea market!And I only bought very few things I found on bargain prices!I bought the blouse for one euro for the lovely 75 shell buttons it had on. All the wooden bangles I got really cheap and the seahorse toy will play with my sea glass!
  • ....I have already chosen my first cross stitch activity of the year!
  • ...I have already uploaded all the photos I had on my mobile and Instagram to my computer!
  • ...We have already walked the beach many a time!

     (See what I mean by the problem the camera has? It makes photos too light!Or too dark!)
    I am glad I have already accomplished a lot! I hope the whole year will continue very active and creative!


Justine said...

Great start to the year! Looking forward to seeing your first cross stitch project.

Christina Perraki said...

Σου το εύχομαι! Καλή χρονιά!!!!

Sarah in Stitches said...

That's an incredible first week! Good job :D

poppysstuff said...

Ουαου!!! Μπράβο έχεις πάρει φόρα!!!
Εύχομαι και η υπόλοιπη χρονιά σου να είναι δημιουργική και γεμάτη ενέργεια όπως τη θες!!!!

Decor Asylum said...

Βλέπω ξεκίνησες την νέα χρονιά με φόρα Αριάδνη!!! Αν συνεχίσεις έτσι, περιμένω να δω τον απολογισμό στα τέλη του Δεκέμβρη ;)

Frances said...

You have done much better than I have done!
I have made good plans......but I will definitely start doing those things!

Unknown said...

You have been a busy blogger and I have enjoyed your post very much in fact you inspired me to do the same