Thursday 26 June 2014

Sometimes I cook

Jello with lightly cooked in sugar fruit! It was too sweet but delicious!

Adding sprinkles on a hot chocolate on a hailstorm day!
Cheesecake for my 19-year-old son's birthday!
Mousaka is my son's favourite dish!
Cool summer salad for me all green. Cucumber, raw zucchini, green pepper,dill, apple, lemon and olive oil.Whatever green was in the fridge or at the pots of plants!
I am on a self imposed diet. I am trying to eat only raw salads and very little cooked food. I need to lose a couple of kilos before my trip!Lots of veggies and fruit!


Unknown said...

A diet!! Oh, that makes 2 of us, I need to feel lighter,too!! :)

Rhona said...

You're making me hungry with all that delicious food! Good luck with your diet.

Sarah in Stitches said...

Yum! This made me so hungry. :D