Saturday 21 June 2014

Schools are over!

Yes yesterday was the last day for school. Of course the children left on the 13th, that was the last day for them. But we teachers left on the 20th.
The last day is usually the day when all teachers meet, do a Teachers' Assembly, decide what classes they will teach next year, then go out to dinner.
Instead I had to go attend an English Teachers' seminar which was rather interesting but cost me too much to go there by taxi as it was out of the city. I wonder whose idea that was!But after that I went out with my colleagues for dinner to say goodbye and happy summer!
Here are some photos from the last week at school with the pupils.
The English corner at the First Grade changed from this.... this....
 And that's how I would see this underwater world through my snorkeling mask!
The Art teacher organised an exhibition of the children's paintings!Of course I loved the ones with the sea theme!

We also did a short half day trip at Planetfc football fields for the children to play and they really enjoyed it.

 The 6th Grade presented their last project about Diversity and Equality. It was great!
 I also loved the Art teachers painting on the subject.
 And of course sports, games, music and songs filled our playground!

Wishing all my pupils a happy summer!To you too of course!


Sarah in Stitches said...

Yay! Those are some great paintings. Enjoy your summer, Ariadne! :D

Anonymous said...

Hello Ariadne

Lovely painting and I hope you have a great summer (:

Unknown said...

Those little drawings are lovely and colourful!

Mii Stitch said...

Some of these kids made some really great paintings!!

Mii Stitch said...

Some of these kids made some really great paintings!!

Poppy said...

What a talented group of tiny artists!! Beautiful!

Happy Summer, Ariadne!


butterfly said...

What great pictures , its a few more weeks here for school holidays.