Thursday 23 May 2013

Featured on Sea Glass Journal

It has been a very long time that Gary de Blois and I had talked about a sea glass piece of mine to appear on his online Sea Glass Journal.
I am so glad that after twice sending my text and photos finally I am there on the front page.
You can see it here.

Sea Glass Photo of the Week

This is how the article appeared on the Journal.

Sea Glass Photo of the Week

Mellow Yellow!
Ariadne, Greece: This gem was found at a beach in Chalkidiki peninsula, an area of sea resorts in Northern Greece near Thessaloniki. I went for a walk with my husband, son and brother's family.
While walking and looking for sea glass on a lovely warm, sunny day my hubby bent down to pick something up. I was eager to see what it was and I jumped for joy when I saw it.
It is my first ever yellow and it was perfect, not at all broken, and so big! I was so happy that I said out loud "You deserve a kiss!" and kissed him.
Every one laughed and he was impressed by the fact that I get so happy with such simple things in life!
Journal: That's a beautiful gem Ariadne! One of the more enjoyable aspects of sea glass collecting are the memories that are attached to our special finds.

I am so glad Gary featured this after all. Thanks Gary!
Do go on his Sea Glass Journal for lots more featured sea glassers and fantastic sea glass pieces.


butterfly said...

Beautiful sea glass, you have fame now well done.

barbara@sparrowavenue said...

yellow is pretty unusual for sea glass, isn't it?
where would it have come from?

Unknown said...

Lovely piece of sea-glass!

Lisa said...

Beautiful and so exciting!!!

prpltrtl946 said...

How WONDERFUL!!! Congratulations!!! 8*)

jelly andrews said...

I haven’t seen a yellow-coloured sea glass in my entire sea glass hunting. And I really think you are very lucky to have one. I wonder where and when I could find my first yellow sea glass.