Friday, 3 May 2013

Happy Easter!

Enjoy the holidays!
I was away on a trip to Belgrade (which ended up to a trip to Serbia and Romania instead!) and am heading for the beach house soon!
So have a great Easter!
Video from a monastery in Serbia with the original sound.


Annuk said...

Kalo Pasxa, Ariadne!!!!
We already had Easter a month ago, but it's lovely to "live" it once again through my Grek friends! :)
Have a wonderful month and a beautiful festive time with your loved ones!

Unknown said...

Happy Easter Ariadne!
Much love,xxx

prpltrtl946 said...

Happy Easter, Ariadne!! 8*)

Anonymous said...

χρόνια πολλά αριάδνη!
εύχομαι να περνάς τέλεια!