Sunday, 12 February 2012

Birthday gifts!

Thank you so much all of those who commented on my previous post. It is great feeling that some people out there really understand you! It is also great to have new commenters. I try to answer my comments personally but some of you have no e-mail on your blogger page so I cannot do that!
Anyway as I promised in my previous post here are a couple of gifts I recently received for my birthday!
From my dear Marabeth in the States this lovely red sea glass pendant made by Deb Lowther.
You might not be able to see it but this is probably from a bike tail light or something! I love it!
Here is the total contents of one more lovely parcel from Marabeth! I loved the card especially the part that talks about fullfilling dreams!LOL!

 And this strawberry sweet parcel is from my pen friend Sigrid from Austria.
 I found this beautifully smelling mouse inside and wondered what it is. Well it is a handmade hot/cold water "bottle". It is filled with wheat and lavender and can be cooked for 5 minutes or cooled for a while and put around a painful spot of your body! I really appreciate that as the awful weather we have been having causes quite  a lot of pain on my shoulders! Ich danke Ihnen!

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Marabeth said...

The necklace will be a good match with your new earrings. Such fun to receive gifts from afar :)