Thursday 21 April 2011

Easter visiting and egg decorating.

Holy week is usually filled with visiting.
On Tuesday evening we visited my brother's family to give them some gifts from Istanbul and for Easter.I bought my niece a lovely pair of pink plastic shoes and a pink skirt for Easter. Unfortunately I forgot to take  a pic but those shoes were like candy!
Here is the baklava we brought them.It was delicious!I recommend Koska pastry shops absolutely

 Then yesterday we went to visit my Godson. It is the custom here for the Godmother to take a candle to her Godchild which he/she will light on the night of the Resurrection. And even more the custom is to buy him/her shoes or other gifts.I must say my Godson was really happy with his gifts.
 His shoes.
 Guess who chose to wear them first!His little brother!
 Some spins for the children.
 The Godmother also receives presents!A basket filled with dyed and chocolate eggs.
 Tsoureki (sweet bread).

Then today my cousin and his daughter were visiting the city so we met for some coffee at the mall.It was beautifully decorated with huge butterflies and cages filled with flowers.

 I love the black and white sea themed mosaics on the mall floor.
 And the fountain is beautiful too.

 Then I dyed my eggs.From white....
 ....they became red,blue and yellow. Unfortunately not very succesful dyeing this year!
 I decorated my big table with my mum's embroidered table cloth and arranged on top some of my Easter decorations.
I have an IKEA tree where I hang all of my bought painted eggs from Prague.
 Glass egg from Prague.
 Punched egg from Prague.
Painted eggs from Prague.

 Margie's Missing parts stone of Resurrection Fern and Paula's doily stones of Otchipotchi.
 Our candles for resurrection night.
 A wooden painted Russian egg I bought today at the mall.

 Two small glass eggs I bought at the cheap store.

Another wooden Russian egg I bought today.

 I blew this egg and painted it taking the idea from Alisa Burke's blog.
 I coloured this egg with watercolour crayons.
A basket filled with various handmade eggs.
 Open market finds.
My mum's vintage Easter embroidery.
 The zoo eggs my son and I made when he was 6 years old.
And with this last photo I wish you all the best for Easter. I won't blog for a couple of days.I hope you enjoy yourselves.


Unknown said...

Love the black and white mosaic!
Happy Easter,Ariadne!

Marabeth said...

You have quite an extensive collection of eggs. I had many eggs but when I moved I felt it was time to let go of some things so I sold my eggs at a tag sale. Too bad I didn't know you then....I would have sent them all to you. Nice job on the painted eggs you just made :)
I love the spring decorations in the mall especially the butterflies!
I didn't understand the picture of the "spins" Are they spinning tops?

Marabeth said...

Oh yes...and the, that's a lot of pieces. I just had a piece yesterday and it cost $2.99 for a small square. So sweet, one was enough!

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Adriane, your Easter table is so beautiful!! I love all the various handmade eggs you made, your vintage finds, embroidery...every item on your table is so special.
And I love baklava. Just the picture on the box looks delicious!
Wishing you a joyous Easter!

Margie Oomen said...

what an absolutely eggcellent post:)
I love the life and color in the photographs and was so happy to see the stone in the midst of it all.