Sunday 10 April 2011

...and Insectopia.

The second exhibition we were taken a guided tour at was about insects.
Although I don't like all insects I really enjoyed this exhibition as I saw alive all kinds of insects I have seen on documentary films on TV and the tour guide,a young Biology student by the name of Modestos was excellent in explaining to us and giving us lots of details about each little creature.
The highlight of the exhibition was the big butterfly room where butterflies hatched and flew all around us!I LOVED that room!
Photography was allowed but without flash so I haven't got many good photos!
I was so happy to hold a butterfly on my finger!

 Hubbie had a visitor on him!
 And my colleague Kalliope had two!
 There were lots of kinds of ants.
 And phasmids.
And spiders!
And lots more various insects!


Unknown said...

I prefer the butterflies, I don't like creepy crawly creatures...I don't mind as long as they stay away from me!

Dream on the wave said...

Although I am not so keen on insects, I would have liked to see the exhibition. Especially the butterflies!

Ariadne said...

@bhermitte I prefer butterflies too!
@Dream on the wave The exhibition will be here for more than a year so you can see it next time you come.We will go together!

Seamaiden said...

This is fantastic, Ariadne! I love nature, in all shapes and sizes. The butterflies are so gorgeous! I visited a butterfly exhibit in Florida and one in Cancun, Mexico. They landed on my husband and I, too! Such fun!

Petites xxx et Cie said...

Nice exhibition. However, I prefer the butterflies!
Nice to meet you...
Bisxxx / Love

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Great exhibition! Nice photo of you holding the butterfly. You really get to take so many wonderful educational trips!

Marabeth said...

I agree with Pesky Cat...your educational excursions are inspiring and fun-filled days.