Friday, 6 March 2015

Reading Challenge 2015-February

You can read all about this So little Sleeping and so much Reading challenge here and about the books I read in January.
In Februaty I managed to read only a couple of books (yes indeed only two).
First Naguib Mahfouz' One hour remains (or The Final Hour) in the category of A novel by an African writer. I loved the book. I hope to read more of Mahfouz' books in future.
Although Mahfouz is Egyptian and therefore considered Arab in culture Egypt is in Africa so it was ok.
 I got the book from the library as I didn't have any African books at home.
The photo of the book is taken with hubby's Zimbabwean traditional mask. It is a souvenir he brought from Victoria Falls.
The next book I read was a gift from my dear old friend Dora.
It is Jorge Bucay's The road of spirituality. I enjoyed it. I am not sure I became more spiritual though!
Photographed with a stone that has my A from Ariadne letter on! I always look down when I walk roads!
So little sleeping and so much reading chose some photos again to show in their site.
Among 209 mine is there again too! I guess the mask had something to do with it.
A final word. I had thought I couldn't follow such a challenge but here I am and I am really enjoying it!


Frances said...

I don't read as much as I should! I find it hard to take the time to read, but I know I should try harder!
I love that African mask! So pretty! And the lovely rock with your initial! It was made just for you! HA

Unknown said...

Πώς σου φάνηκε Αριάδνη μου ο Χορχε; Με τη μικρη μου έχω μείνει πίσω στο διάβασμα βιβλίων.. δεν μου είναι εύκολο να συγκεντρωθω... είμαστε 24/7 μαζί και είναι ένα μικρό ζιζάνιο!!

zina said...

αν και λατρευω το διαβασμα, ομολογω οτι το εχω ξεχασει ως αθλημα γιατι απλα νυσταζω! μονο παραμυθια διαβαζουμε τελευταια! χαχαχαχα