Sunday 24 November 2013

Sea glassing 1000 metres from home.....

It was last Sunday late afternoon when hubby and I wanted to relax and I asked for a walk at the seafront and coffee at a beautiful seafront cafe.
Crossing the big avenue near our flat I looked at the almost empty street. 
 We walked along the still closed sea front. It has been undergoing renovations for ages now but we were told that it will be open to the public on December 1st so we are really looking forward to it.
 A sweet friend was waiting there too.
 We took a couple of photos of the still closed seafront and we realised that there are people who had crossed the fences to walk there. We will wait to do that on the 1st.

 The other side of the sea front which was renovated earlier is so beautiful.
 Even the sea was very clean.See all those urchins?
 The sun was setting while we were entering the seafront cafe.

 There was a tiny beach in front of the cafe, about 10 metres long. I had never noticed that there was an actual beach there. It was covered in stones. I looked down and I saw this...
Of course I had to look for more. Hubby was shouting that the sun was fast setting and we wouldn't be able to sit outside for coffee so I had to leave the potential full of sea glass ten metre long beach.
But at least I had found a couple of lovely sea glass pieces and a destination for future walks...just a thousand metres away from home.

 See how small it is?
 Although the sun had set we sat outside. November 17th, coffee with my darling outside by the sea and sea glass!Priceless!
 That's the lot I managed to collect before hubby insisted on my returning to our table and before the sun had set.
 Not too bad for a new beach so near home!

 My favourite. Its real colour is much more turquoise that this!


butterfly said...

Great new find and it looks great there, here Mr Jack Frost has been out it's all white in the mornings very cold but the sun is nice and bright.

Valma said...

wonderful pictures here =)
you're so lucky to have such a beautiful place close to you
here it is sooooo cold now, we will soon have snow ! (we had some last week already...)
great new finds =)