Tuesday 19 November 2013

A Christmas Bling Bling

Remember I had attended the Bling Bling Workshop at dear Anna's InMyCloset comfortable kitchen?You can read all about it here.
Well I ended up with this SEA ! I wasn't very satisfied with it but it was a first one.
 So I was trying to find the perfect carton box to use to make another one. And I found it.
So here is the box.
But first I had to prepare the word I was going to make into a Bling Bling!And since it is that time of the year again I decided it would be CHRISTMAS.
 I counted the length of the box and divided by the number of letters.
Then I printed the letters accordingly.
I cut them one by one and put them in place to see how they would look.

 Then traced all around the letters on the box and cut the holes with a sharp knife.

That's how the box looks on the inside.
 I then used Atlacol glue to stick on the inside a thin transparent paper that had little golden stars on.

 Then using my letters as a template I cut letters from red carton paper but a bit bigger than the template.

 I put them on the box but wasn't really happy so I glued some red fabric ribbon on the top and bottom line of the box to cover some minor ugly cuts.

 Then glued my red letters in place.
 Then covered the top part of the box with red paper too.
 And here's the Christmas bling bling box!
 Afterwards I added inside the box three series of battery operated Christmas lights and stuck their little lights with paper tape in a way that the lights would lit the open spaces between the letters.

 And there it is!
 Hubby mentioned that the letters H and R didn't really show so I cut them a bit more afterwards.
 The difficult part was to take a good picture of it when the lights were on. All my efforts were blurred.
 Finally with the use of my camera setting on "Fireworks" this was the best I could do!

 As you can see the lights do not come out of the box, somehow I made a shadow box Bling Bling!
Thank you Anna for the lovely workshop and the idea! And since Anna is organising a competition I am joining in with this satisfactory creation!
Hope this tutorial will make you make one too!Come on get started for Christmas!
 edit: With this blogpost I take part in the link part of Craftaholic!


Unknown said...

Şahane olmuş

Ruth Ludlam said...

If you like doing photo tutorials about the things you make, you could post them on Snapguide.com - I'm sure people would love learning from you!

Anonymous said...

it's very nice ariadne! i might try it too!

zina said...

wow!!! gorgeous!!!

Stitching Noni said...

What a gret idea! Well done :o)

Sarah in Stitches said...

Oh, wow, that is amazing! Great job. That's going to be the perfect decoration for Christmas. I love the little lights! :D

Dream on the wave said...

I love it and may try to make one too.

Mii Stitch said...

Lovely!!! Good luck with the competition :)

Valma said...

clever and gorgeous !! =)
very well done
your tutorial is perfect...we just have to give this a try now =D

Anonymous said...

That is very cool - it turned out perfectly! :)

Unknown said...

Such a nice idea!

mpiskotoupoli said...

It is very nice!It goes to my to do list!

Anonymous said...

This is great!

Decor Asylum said...

Πολύ ωραία κατασκευή Αριάδνη! Χαράς το κουράγιο σου πάντως να κόψεις όλα τα γράμματα!