Sunday 3 November 2013

In my closet....

....I don't have skeletons, although because of the recent Halloween I could have!
In my Closet is a lovely blog I found which belongs to sweet Anna whom I met at the Etsy Greek Street Team meeting a couple of weeks ago.Anna makes lots of lovely things and you can find her beautiful cushions here.
Anna organises workshops at her cozy convenient handmade kitchen and I was lucky to have joined in this Saturday.It was the Bling Bling Workshop based on this idea.
We gathered at four and I personally stayed till late. Anna is such a warm and generous person and I had a great time although a first timer there. I met many new friends and had the chance to meet again with two other ladies of the egst Stella and Lia. I also found out that Demetra and I had met before at the Handicraft Course I attended at the neighbourhood library last winter.It's a small world!
Also I met lots of other great ladies who have creativity in common as well as bookcrossing. I am almost ready to join them at their adventures with freeing books but I need first to see how much time I will have for that as my time is really very limited now.
The In My Closet Kitchen!
 Anna explained how things should be done.
 And we started creating.

Here's my creation!

 It looks lovely when lit!
Others made beautiful things too.
Lia behind her heart!
 Efi and her Sol Key.
 Maria with her m on the floor.
 And there was the making of in my closet logo as well.
Of course apart from meeting and creating we ate a lot as all ladies brought delicious handmade sweets. I guess the best one was Christina Ina's American pumpkin pie which I hope I will find time to make.It was covered in meringue and was delicious. Runners up Stella's cheesecake and Anna's sister's lemon pie!

 (Sorry for the blurred photo!I was trembling with earnestness!)
Before leaving I had a look at Anna's creative corner and adored it!

What did I do the rest of the weekend? You'll see!


zina said...

great idea!

Unknown said...

Looks like you had a great time!

Panigirtzou said...

congratulations Ariadne for the post! and of course for your nice "Sea"

Panigirtzou said...
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Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

It seems like you had a fun, creative and yummy time! I love that you chose the word "sea" for your creation!

Annuk said...

WOW! You had such a great creative time, girls!!!! I wish I could have joined you too! :)

Tanya said...

Looks like you had fun!

I love your marquee light version!

Anonymous said...

So nice to see you at our first workshop for the academic year 2013-2014! Your sea looks great! Annuk you can came at any forthcoming workshop!

eleanna said...

Great one Ariadne! Your "sea" is wonderful ;) Hope to see you again at the next workshop!

sweetpea family said...

What a fantastic workshop it sounds amazing x

butterfly said...

What a great crafting day.

Bernadett said...

What a great idea.:) You all look sooooo cheerful.:)))


dimitrART said...
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dimitrART said...

It was such a lovely evening...So glad we're already planning for the next one!!Great post Ariadne!

Poppy said...

Hi Ariadne,

So nice to meet you!

You certainly got the creative juices flowing at this happy and imaginative workshop! Wish there were such opportunities here on the island. Until that discovery happens, glad that you 'discovered' Poppy View and vice versa!

Those sweets alone are enough to create a little bit of joy!

Following you back,


Valma said...

wonderful idea !!
it seems you had a great time, so super
your piece is very beautiful
I'm jealous of such a workshop :)

Ros Crawford said...

Lovely post! Thanks ever so much for sharing your photos with us at Our Beautiful World!

AppleApricot Wen said...

Hi sweetie, bit late due to utter chaos at home :) Loved reading and seeing your happy post, must have been a great gathering! Big hug and merry Christmas wishes to you