Tuesday 24 September 2013

Summer 2013- redecoration

Apart from felting and decorating my stones in the mornings hubby and I dealt with some minor redecoration projects during summer.
First I moved the Sea Glass Festival Poster that I had framed last year from the staircase landing inside the bedroom.
 In its place at the staircase landing I put the print I had found at the open antique market with the two children mending fishing nets.
Then we added reasonably priced IKEA curtains at the bedroom.I loved the easy way you can put them up and shorten them too.
 We also added, at last, a mosquito net over our bed. We have lots of mosquitoes in summer and use repellents but I prefer a more natural way.
 We also added curtains at the living room.
A bigger project was to put some order in the small bedroom which had ended up into a storage room.
I took the colourful chest of drawers and put it in my bedroom where I now store my handicrafts.

The pegs that were at that place moved into the smaller room.
It was a mess in there and we put some order.
 We also moved a bench from the kitchen where hubby fixes and makes things.
This is what we put in the kitchen in the place of the bench, again a reasonably priced IKEA piece.
And we also installed a new cooker which was a gift from a very generous friend and I thank her very much!
I love cooking at this one.
I also tackled with this little shelf which I had found a year ago on the curb.
I painted it in white and it is going to be decorated with some sea glass jars.

More summer 2013 posts to follow. Sorry I cannot blog more often.

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Valma said...

it seems you have a wonderful view from your French window =)
you've been very busy, great job