Wednesday, 11 September 2013

September so far...and the Invisible people.....

Let's take a break from the Summer 2013 posts to tell you what I have been up to till now in September.
Well, of course I go to school every day.
This year I will be teaching English to 1st,3rd and 6th graders.I have prepared my books and everything so we will be starting lessons from tomorrow.
That doesn't mean that schools will function properly. Thousands of teachers all over Greece have not been yet placed in their positions, hundreds are facing redundancy and we are all getting prepared for a striking September!
In the meantime....I have been Spring(!) cleaning!Well since the flat was closed all summer what did I expect?It needed that now. To get ready for winter!Although it is too hot to be speaking about winter at the time.
I had to radically clean my son's room as he had accumulated so many books and papers in it at his last year of High School. As he will be studying to sit for the Entrance University Exams again in May his room had to be cleaned and his desk well organised.
I have also finished the bathroom, the bedroom, the balcony, and most of the living room!It is only the wall to wall bookcase that is left.Only???!!!!Oh and the kitchen of course but part of it is ready too. So I guess I haven't got that much left. So maybe I will manage to find time for hobbies after finishing the house chores!
All that with a bit of a cold added to them and a nose running.....
Hence there were some visits to doctors for annual check ups too!
Also the Teachers' Association Drama Club started its performances already.September and October will be heavy in performances and rehearsals.
The play "Griothesia"(Old women's Adoption) was presented at Drymos village on Friday the 6th. We were given a beautiful amphitheatre,
 we put our stage parafernalia,

and did a rehearsal

and then a preformance.
The view was lovely.

 The sunset was wonderful from the top of the hill where the aphitheatre is!

But it was cold and maybe that's how my nose started running!
The performance was followed by dinner at the restaurant and a birthday cake for our friend Areti.

Next Friday the 13th we will present the children's play "Koutornithia" (Silly Hens) again at Drymos at Tsoukies Amphitheatre.And again on the 21st at Nea Elvetia amphitheatre in our city.
September is also the month of the International Trade Fair in my city.
 The opening ceremony and the arrival of the Prime Minister have become a chance for the people to demonstrate against all this awful financial crisis that has brought Greece to so much frustration.
Therefore there is a war like preparation atmosphere where streets get blocked by the police.

 The police get prepared for a fight....
 But thousands of people demonstrated peacefully... and the media didn't even show the demonstrations.
 For the media and for the Government we are invisible...

More about September tomorrow.....


devonseaglass said...

Thanks. I am now officially exhausted!

Unknown said...

This is normally how all good holidays end... ;) with house-work!

butterfly said...

Yes I also like to Spring clean after summer ready for the winter. Don't work to hard.

Bernadett said...

This year I have 110% at school.I teach 1st,2nd,3rd and 4th grader.But our books are new,so I had to wait for the Teacher's Book,FC,CDs and other materials...They arrived today...So for the weekend reading them...I made about 50,ok not 50 about 15 plans for the school,I hate to write plans ... I have my creative workshop for the pupils this year,too.For September we have Back to School.
The situation in Serbia is not much better...The salaries are low...but no strike in the air...And we have no demonstrations...
Happy to see your beautiful photos about your performance,but sad about the demonstration photos...:(