Wednesday, 27 March 2013

I am on Instagram!

I had to take assistance from my dear son and lovely niece yesterday to realise that Instagram works from my mobile and it is not something you start on your computer!And that you need a new phone that has Android! And that I should have Internet to do that!LOL!Don't laugh with my ignorance.
So my son started an account for me and showed me how it works. It is so lovely to be able to take pictures and not to need to upload them yourself but they go instantly to your facebook account.
Finally today I took a couple of photos and they immediately in some way or another appeared on my Instagram page and on my facebook page but alas I can't find out how I can put them on my blog like some bloggers I follow have done. Anyway a step at a time.
Bytheway if you feel like following me on Instagram my name there is ariadnesky and there is a button by the side of my blog too.
Now how can I put my Instagram photos here? Maybe try by saving them from Instagram and then copying them and pasting them here? Let's see if that will work!
No, after trying I tell you it does not work! So no photos today!
But I will add some from my flower collection!


Lisa said...

Hi Ariadne
You are better than me at this technology stuff I do not know how to use instagram

Anonymous said...

αν δεις στο blog μου στο πλάι, έχει μια φωτογραφία (αυτή τη στιγμή την γατούλα μου) και κάθε φορά που ανεβάζω μια φωτογραφία στο instagram αλλάζει αυτόματα! αυτό εννοείς;

αν θέλεις να βάλεις τις φωτογραφίες σε ανάρτηση
νομίζω τις κατεβάζεις από το κινητό σου
στον υπολογιστή και τις χρησιμοποιείς.

αν είναι το πρώτο πές μου να σου στείλω το link από το προγραμματάκι!

Desire Empire said...

That's fantastic. It's so much fun. When I am next over on IG I shall follow you.

barbara@sparrowavenue said...

I had no idea how it works and certainly didn't know you had to be on Facebook to do it. I don't have that account anymore. But then I don't have a cell phone of any kind. So I guess I won't be doing it.

But I look forward to when you can put your images on your blog.

the flowers, btw, are gorgeous!