Monday, 25 March 2013

25th March long weekend

Long weekends have their beauties even though we don't spend them as we would like. In fact I wanted to be in Athens with my relatives but I couldn't go.
So we stayed at home.Ι decorated with what reminds us of the celebration.
I put the beautiful embroidery Marabeth had sent me on my big table.
I put the flag on the balcony.And the wind blew it beautifully.
I attended the school 25th March festivities and had coffee with my colleagues.

I cleaned up as usually. We had the week's two rehearsals.
We enjoyed a night out with the Drama club friends.
We had fun walking Barca on the sea front twice with the sun and the wind blowing.
She met with Luna, the neighbour's dog, and other dogs,too.
Spotted a left over kite tail hanging from the street light.

Long shadows.

We had coffee with my brother and sister.
It was fun watching the people going up and down the sea front in the sun.
And suddenly a pirate ship sailed by.
(Sorry both photos were taken from inside the cafe hence the window reflections)
And on the big Independence Day we went to watch the parade where we used to go for the last 40 years. But the new strict police measures made us walk far from home as people were not allowed to reach the parade near where the politicians and VIPs were. I was so disappointed.
The weather was cold and overcast and didn't change my mood. I was angry. Not to be allowed to go where I used to go to attend the parade for 40 years really made me so sad and angry.

There were some people demonstrating after the parade for the Cyprus crisis too.
I only managed to see very little of the parade.

And afterwards we had lunch at my brother's with all the traditional food of the day, fried cod and garlic sauce.


butterfly said...

Happy you enjoyed your weekend great photos.
What is going on with all this mess in our country's !

Anonymous said...

sweet barca! :)

prpltrtl946 said...

Yes!! When the politics get you crazy, it's time to play with Beautiful Barca!!! 8*)

I love the ocean and know Greece is a country whose coast calls to me!! 8*)