Monday 4 February 2013

It's February already.

And look what happened in just a couple of days.
We went with the school on foot and watched Peter Pan at the National Theatre. The kids loved it!
We had the cutting of the New Year's Pie with the Drama Club.
They even had a birthday cake for me and another member who had her birthday in January,too.

We went shopping for colourful glass for my next jewelry lesson.(I will devote a blogpost on that).

I only bought tiny pieces of course but the huge ones were lovely!
We went to my Godson's 12th birthday party.
 And he also played Shadow Puppet theatre for us.
We had a meeting with hubby's class of pupils after 25 years!See yesterday's post about this, too.
 I cooked chinese!
And of course played so much with Barca!
It was a full weekend and a very happy one, although very very tiring!


McKenna C. said...

Sounds like you had a blast! I'm so glad! Barca is adorable!!!! Love those eyes! :)


Lisa said...

Barca is so cute looks like he is growing. I remember last year you had a cake and there was a coin in it?a New Years pie.

Anonymous said...

so many things in a couple of days!
and the cakes look yummy!
barca you are so so cute!