Friday, 3 July 2015

Reading Challenge 2015- June

With the referendum ahead of us on Sunday and the capital control and the closed banks, life continues as usual. I am sad with what is happening in my country but I am trying to feel optimistic that things will change for the better.
Thank you to all the readers and followers who sent me messages or left comments of support. I answered those who had an e-mail attached to their profile.
So I try to continue my life as usual but without using money!!!!!Is that possible? Well.....sometimes it is.
Now let's see the books I read in June for the So little sleeping and so much reading challenge.
First Helen Dunmore's The Ingo Chronicles The Deep. It was one of the books I bought from the Merimna bazaar. No I didn't really care about this book. It was a teenager's reading. But I loved the cover so it is in the category A book you chose only for its cover.
The mermaids are salt and pepper gifts from Marabeth photographed under the Greek sun!
 The second book I found at a tag sale in the States. The sale was closing but I grabbed this out of a huge box of books because I am a teacher of English! Of course!And if I remember well I got it for a dollar or for free or something. It is in the category A funny book and it was fun to read it as it plays so much with the words. Crazy English by Richard Lederer.
 This I just finished yesterday but put it in the month of June. It is Helene Hanff's
84 Charing Cross Road and it is the letters the author wrote to a bookshop employee who sent her books from England for 20 years. This I have also seen as a movie.It combines my love for books and for mail!
It is a Boocrossing book I found in the Think Tank Library of my city and it made me join bookcrossers. As it had started its trip in Kefalonia island I am adding the card from Fiscardo I recently visited.And will soon let it free.Also this book is the first of four I will read this summer at the summerreadathon15 the summer challenge of So little sleeping and so much reading.
Edit:The book was left to travel at Blacklime cafe/restaurant in Thessaloniki on Thurdsay 30th July 2015.


Rhona said...

Hope everything works out for you and your beautiful country.
Great choice of books!

Unknown said...

I really hope things turn out well. I heard a glimmer of hope on the radio while I was driving home from a Rock Choir performance today (sweltering heat!)
John and I were hoping to travel to Greece this autumn. We'll have to wait and see what happens!
Keep positive and carry on doing all the creative stuff you love!