Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Mail Art Swap

Some time ago Ingrid of miistitch organized a mail art exchange.
I got fascinated with it because I love mail and cross stitch so a combination of the two sounded perfect.
I hadn't done that before so it was quite challenging for me.
Here's what I made.
The stitched piece.
 Folded and with a beautiful linen sent to me by Ingrid some time ago.
 The front with stitched stamps, post mark, address and Diana. I used patterns from an old Le Idee di Susanna cross stitch magazine. I adapted the patterns for the stamps.I wanted a Greek theme.
 The back.
I also sent some aida fabric. threads, a pair of earrings, and a handmade shadow puppet figure bookmark made by hubby.
 And some buttons in a handmade little booklet.
 Unfortunately up to now the recipient of my mail Evalina has not acknowledged receiving it. Although I sent her e-mails and left comments on her blog she hasn't answered. I hope she is ok. I know my parcel was delivered because it was registered and I tracked it down.
Edit: Finally I got a message from Evalina who was away and has received my parcel. I am so glad she loved the contents.
Here's what I received through this exchange. Such a lovely parcel arrived all the way from far away Malaysia from dear Lillie.
 A lovely stitched envelope.
 Filled with lots of gifts, lace, threads, a crochet bookmark flower, a needle book,postcards and local coffee.
Thank you so much Lillie for everything you sent me and thank you Ingrid for organizing this.


Linda said...

Those are both awesome Ariadne.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

What a lovely exchange. I do hope Evalina is OK, she hasn't blogged for a while or commented on my blog. She is usually around a lot!

I've signed up for the Hallowe'en exchange. I've never made an envelope either!

Nancy Carr said...

The gift exchange was a lovely idea and what you sent and what you received are so special. I also love your underwater photos. Blessings from Nancy in Vieques, Puerto Rico

Justine said...

What beautiful envelopes Ariadne. I love the way you assembled yours, so clever! Lillie's is gorgeous and you both included lovely gifts.
I am also worried about Evalina as I have sent something to her also and she hasn't acknowledged receipt, nor have I seen her comments in the blog world. I too have emailed her but she hasn't replied. Let's just hope she is enjoying a summer break!

kathyinozarks said...

these exchanges are always so fun-most of the time. A few years ago I did several swaps with the Mary Jane Farmgirls forum online. My biggest let down was no communication-no thank yous no yes I received yours-very upsetting so I know how you feel-I had posted why I was leaving the forum and most had come back saying-farm girls get busy etc-not a good answer for me-as I feel it just so rude-although sometimes things can happen but still.
anyways what you sent was awesome, and what you received as just as wonderful-hugs Kathy

Mii Stitch said...

You know how I feel about your wonderful envelope!!! Personally, I love it & think it's the best I've seen around :)
You also received wonderful goodies. Glad it went well.

As you know I have tried various time to contact Evalina. I'm getting a bit worried and really hope she is ok. It is so unlike her.

Have a lovely day x

Debbie said...

Beautiful mailart stitching, sent and received. I love how you've made your pattern.

Lillie said...

Sorry you have not received words from your partner. I know how you must have felt as I have experienced before but I hope Evalina will eventually get in touch with you. Your MA is gorgeous, love the stitched stamp too. Hope you enjoy our local coffee :D

Sarah in Stitches said...

Oooh, these are so beautiful! Great job, and enjoy your goodies :D

Sheryl said...

Lovely gifts both given and received. Your envelope is impressive and so nicely made up. Hope all is OK with Evalina, not like her not to reply - perhaps she is away.

Laura Quaglia (Fun With This and That) said...

Great swap I have done a lot of swap have not for som time

aspiritofsimplicity said...

What a lovely exchange. i have a beautiful cross stitch I am going to begin when the weather changes and I am stuck indoors more often. I still have to purchase the correct size fabric.

Stitching Noni said...

I love your envelope! What a great idea to stitch the stamps as well :o)
I do hope your hear from Evalina soon....
The envelope from Lilli is gorgeous - the buttons are adorable!
Great exchange:o)
Hugs xx

Ο κόσμος της Ράνιας said...

Καταπληκτική ανταλλαγή δώρων !!! Λατρεύω τους κεντημένους φακέλους και είναι τόσο καλοφτιαγμένοι οι δικοί σας !!!!!Μ αρέσει πολύ και το θέμα που διάλεξες !!! Να χαρείς τα δωράκια σου !!!!