Sunday, 16 November 2014

Our trip to the U.S.A. (12)- The fourth of July at the casinos

So there we go on to the 4th of July. A great day of festivities in the States because it is their day of Independence.
Early in the morning Marabeth's daughter Amy came with her family. I loved meeting her and her husband Jonas and their lovely dog Sashta!They have three great yoga studios up in New Hampshire called Zev Yoga and they are starting a great retreat up in Maine, which we visited later on in our trip.
We played a bit with Sashta, their puppy, although the weather didn't help!
 We even tried to show Barca to her but she didn't seem interested!
We were supposed to attend a parade at the village and a family and friends dinner but it was raining cats and dogs because of Arthur. Yes, believe it or not while in the States we even experienced a hurricane. It was category 2, it had its peak on the 4th of July but luckily where we were in Connecticut it was rather mild compared to other areas! Still, it was a hurricane! Those of you who know that I am afraid of thunderstorms, especially lightning, can understand me! Anyway...
due to Arthur we had to postpone the 4th of July festivities for the next day!
So what could one do when it is supposedly a National Holiday but it is raining cats and dogs and everything is closed? You can go to the casino!Right!
There are two casinos in the area where Marabeth lives and I really wanted to visit one because I had read that there was a Chihuly Art Glass fountain in it. So I dropped the idea, that since we had nothing to do and the food for the next day was ready and all the decorations up why don't we go out! Yes amidst the heavy rain! What an adventurer I am when I am on a trip abroad!
So we went to the casinos.
First to the  Foxwoods Resort Casino. It belongs to the Mashantucket Pequot Indians. It was huge.
See the weather?

 Inside it was very beautiful!
 And the view from its balcony was magical!Huge trees!
 Huge ventilators!Not so magical!
 Inside Indian Heritage.

Beautiful shops. I loved all those little Indian dolls but they were expensive!

And vases made with horse tail hair.
I am not a player/gambler so we only played a couple of dollars and of course lost them! My friend had better luck.So she treated us dinner. Chinese food at the casino. It was decent!

Unfortunately the Mashantucket Pequot Museum was closed.
It was still raining and we continued to the next casino.

The Mohegan Sun! I guess it belongs to the last of the Mohegans!
 I loved those lights!
And the whole decoration.
 There were great shops inside, too expensive of course!

 Oh all those mermaids!
 And then we saw it! The amazing Chihuly fountain!Are you ready for lots of photos?Purple glass! Bliss!

 All those ceiling panels were made with beads!Yes!
And there were wolves everywhere on top of rocks that even moved their heads!(not real wolves!)

 There was a Michael Jordan Restaurant too!

And an amazing bar that had a ceiling that looked like a starry night!

We had a great time and forgot all about the bad weather outside!That was good!


Purple Pixie Dust said...

I loved the glass fountain, you had a great trip, I am enjoying it with you. hugs Lynda Ruth

Sarah in Stitches said...

Looks like a great idea on a rainy day! I've never been to a casino. Glad you had a good time! :D

Sheryl said...

Amazing photos. Thank you for sharing. Love the fountain, just beautiful.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Ariadne

Lovely photos as always and I just love that big white puppy!
Have a good week x

Mii Stitch said...

Breathtaking!! The glass fountain is just pure bliss, AMAZING!!1