Wednesday, 29 October 2014

How to catch a cold or simply a redecoration story.

I am down with a flu. Although the almost 5 days off school looked an exciting time I ended up exhausted and with a cold.
Well the thing is I had certain things to do so I took advantage of the short holiday due to the National Holiday and ...cleaned up, changed the position of furniture (again), put the carpet, painted something, finished "Something with buttons" and blogged about it here, cooked, and got a new bookcase (they are never enough, are they?) Of course I also did school work (Halloween things), answered e-mails,read.....and more.
So here is what we did!
First we changed the position of the sofas!
We put those IKEA tables as one coffee table in the middle.
With Barca's leash and collar under one of them in a box for easy reach.
That bookcase came out of the kitchen into the hall.
We added the carpet and Barca felt at once at home. We didn't put the carpet last winter because she had peed on it but now she is old enough to know that's not the right thing to do.
Then this bookcase had to go. It stood in a narrow corridor and looked too cluttered.

I wanted a new bookcase to fit there and make a separation of the space. We were lucky that we found it ready assembled in the "bargains" space of IKEA and bought it 24 euros cheaper than the retail price. Luckily it could fit in our car.

But there was a problem that the second smaller bookcase of the same series we got didn't fit in. So we had to change our plans. Finally I got a lovely partition for the narrow corridor and my very own desk corner on the other side!

I love it!
Then it was time I changed the looks of this suitcase. It was a curb find and no matter how much I tried to clean it it didn't. So I decided to paint it.

 And now it looks better and all our DVDS fit in it.
 Of course I got exhausted and went down with a flu so we didn't go to attend the parade but watched it at home on TV.

 I cooked salmon soup (The Finnish recipe)
 and squash in the oven taken from here, a blog that I love reading, Posie gets cozy! Delicious!
Well at least I know I don't need to do any more redecorating for some time!


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I sure hope you feel better soon. You sure made some nice changes and got some bookcases to help you get organized. Everything looks so nice my friend. Take care of yourself! Sweet hugs, Diane

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

My! You've been busy for a sick lady! I hope you'll feel well very soon so you can enjoy your new decoration!

Sarah in Stitches said...

Your house looks lovely! Great job :D

Decor Asylum said...

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Unknown said...

All this is very nice, but you should have rested more, me thinks!!!! ;)

Mii Stitch said...

Well I hope you feel better now, you certainly have been busy!!

eleanna said...

Ariadne, I hope you get better soon! Lots of housework & the results are looking great! I think it's time to relax ;)

Kaisievic said...

Feel better soon, my dear friend. You have been busy and aren't you a clever little vegemite with the way you have cleaned up that suitcase and made yourself a desk area.

AppleApricot Wen said...

You have such a beautiful and comfy looking home. Hope you're feeling much better now! Hugs and happy weekend

Desire Empire said...

The suit case looks terrific, so does the living room.