Saturday, 10 May 2014

A huge list!

So many things are happening around here and I am so so busy therefore things had to be prioritized! So no blog reading(ok, just a couple!), no e-mail answering or blog writing! Or facebook! It sounds like I am taking time off from the computer,right?
Well I will come back on that at a later post.
For the time being there is a huge list of things that have to be done before the end of the school year and before summer comes and before the end of June!!!!!!
I finished a series of medical tests and doctors' appointments! I had to do that!
I finished the tax papers!Oh yes! That's a big relief!
I finished the self-evaluation school unit reports and we will have to present them next week so that's almost off my chores list too!!!!!
The University students from The English Department have been at my school since the end of April and they have been following some of my lessons and have been teaching to some of my classes, so that adds some extra work on me too!
My son is studying to sit for his entrance University exams again in ten days so I have to keep a close look on him as well.
The weather is getting warmer so washing, ironing and arranging clothes in wardrobes is a must!
Certain phone calls had to be made as ....the end of June is coming!!!!!!
Also the elections (municipal, area and European) are on the next two weekends, so that means having to decide who is going to win my vote and at the same time see how the school material will be distributed evenly as some days will be lost due to the elections.And grades have to be given in.
And at the same time the theatrical performances of our team have not finished! Like for instance today we are acting our adult play "Griothesia", remember that funny old women's play, at the Thermi Cultural Centre for the Social Clinic, so those of my local readers who would like to see us do come at 8 in the evening. It is free entrance but you could give some medicine to the Clinic to help with their work!
Also the International Book Fair is taking place and I'd love to pay a visit tomorrow, probably after Mother's Day meetings. Our team is also presenting a book there tomorrow at 6 in the afternoon and we will be attending too.
So as you can see there are really too many things happening!


Unknown said...

What a busy lady!!! Make some time for yourself, it's very important ;)

butterfly said...

It is a busy time of the year, all the best with your list.

Mii Stitch said...

And I thought I was busy!!! :D Take care, looking forward to reading you soon xx

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

You seem very busy indeed. I hope you'll make it through all your list! I hate that time of year when we need to grade so many papers!