Friday 28 June 2013

For the love of horses!

I always loved horses! But never had a chance to go horseriding or even just play with them!
I am even a horse in the Chinese zodiac!
I have a cousin who loves horses too and his daughter was a champion in horse riding! Now he is a champion too in horse ridden carriage championships.
He was here in the city taking part in the races here and we had the chance to meet him and his horse Alexander.
The races took place at a Horseriding Club near Thessaloniki.
The horses were beautiful in their stables.

We watched the races.

We saw how horses are tended.
My cousin explained lots to us and my niece Vicky!
And we also attended the closing ceremony with the prizes!

My cousin Stavros and his horse Alexander. Stavros saved this horse and I think they are having great fun together! And so did we!
(Some of the photos were taken by hubby)


Anonymous said...

horses are such beautiful animals!
we tried horse riding in a farm once!
it was a great experience!

p.s. good luck to the giveaway! x

Unknown said...

Glad you had this chance. never too late to start....

butterfly said...

Looks like you had fun, I love those beautiful horses too.