Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Independence Day

The 25th of March is Independence Day in Greece. Back in 1821 the Greeks fought against the Turks and after 400 years of being in slavery they became free.
Greece is in a very bad state right now. People don't feel free at all. They are dependent on loans and credit cards, they owe the banks and the whole country owes to big banks and the Europeans who lent money to small Greece just in order to have it under financial and political control eventually.
Under the circumstances the 25th March parades were expected to be rather demonstrations and for that reason the Government held the people away from the great parade in Athens by using thousands of policemen. The parade took place with no demonstrations and no spectators and of course no flying yoghurts or sour orange throwing!(The Municipality had collected all the sour oranges from the trees around the politicians stand so that they are not used against them).
In other towns and cities of Greece as there was not so much police force there were demonstrations but the media did not care enough to show them on TV. The only reliable way to get the news today is blogland.
Anyway wanting to avoid all kinds of mischief we left the city on Sunday morning for our summer house. We hadn't been there for such a long time. Paying the loan for it but having no money for expensive gas to drive there is quite an irony.
Nature paid back for our sad moods.
 or budding....
 or blooming.....

 ...nature was beautiful.
We looked at the sea, walked the beach with not much sea glass finding unfortunately, we admired some blooming trees, took lots of photos and ate the traditional dish for the day cod fish with ayoli.
 We met dear dog friends.

It was a short sunny break in our dark lives.

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