Sunday, 11 March 2012

An exhibition

It has been raining every day and night continuously for more than five days now!Unbelievable!
The last time we had some sun and lots of cold was last Saturday and we took the chance to see something interesting!
One of my new colleagues at school, Alexander Dimitriades is our Art Teacher. He majored in Painting and now got his second diploma in Engraving under the supervision of Professor Artist Xenis Sahinis..
Here are photos from his diploma exhibition. I loved his work. It is called Scripts. I wish I could buy one of his art pieces!
 This was fantastic!
Alexander gave us a great tour of his exhibition and the workshop.

 And that was the work of Art I would love to buy if I could.

 Alexander showed us how his art is created!
Paper gets its prints here.
 And colour here.
 Here the prints get dry.
 Lovely thick fresh red paint.
 Another artist's work. Of course I loved the sea theme.
 This is where the paper gets its print from. The engraved vinyl layer.
 Doesn't it look lovely up close? And so much work!
 That's the Fine Arts Department.

You can watch a video here.

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