Friday 8 July 2011

Visitors 2- The Byzantine Museum.

After the White Tower hubbie,my cousin and the children had drinks at the cafe of the Byzantine Museum whereas Maria and I visited the Museum. It shows the life of people in Thessaloniki at the Byzantine years.
 Glass panels from Byzantine houses.
 Excellent mosaics.
 Silver ash box.
 Pottery vessels.
 Glass vessels!My favourite!

 Aren't these colours exquisite?

 Amazing jewelry!
 Look at that ring!

 Great pottery!(It reminded me of Austrian pottery!)
 Every day utensils.
 Tear collectors.
 Glass beads.
 More tear collectors.

 Evil eye bead.

 The cafe.I loved those lamps.

 At the lavender bushes outside the museum insects were abundant.
 The wedding church.
 My Godmother gave me this lovely apple tablecloth and apron.
 And Maria gave me one of her handmade earrings.Isn't it so sweet?A little crocheted wire dress!


devonseaglass said...

Beautiful glass!

Seamaiden said...

Wow, I love this installment - all that terrific history and gorgeous glassware, and the interesting bee and the cool gifts...excellent, all of it. :)