Tuesday 16 July 2019

July Gifted Gorgeousness and the Super storm in Chalkidiki.

Hello everyone!
GG or Gifted Gorgeousness is Jo's of Serendipitous Stitching brainchild.
Jo asks us to show in the blog post something we were gifted cross stitch wise, or something we made and gifted.
Unfortunately I haven't managed to stitch at all this month. We were supposed to be at the beach house and I would stitch but things evolved differently.
Anyway let me first of all show you the new summer craftpod I gifted myself. It is dedicated to bees which are getting extinct and we should do something to protect them.
This summer again I am taking part in the summer craft challenge organised by Anna of In my closet. This time Anna is collaborating with other blogs to challenge us to be more creative. The first collaboration was with Katerina of Mindspinfabrica and Katerina asked us to make something stamped. So I used my sea themed stamps ( a gift from Karen some years ago, hence it belongs to GG) to stamp on self drying clay and make some ring dishes and key rings. The end result isn't very good but I loved making them.

Finally I'd like to share here with you some photos from the aftermath of a cyclone or Supercell or superstorm or waterspout that happened on the evening of July 10th at Chalkidiki where my beach house is. The phenomenon was awful and very very strong. It had continuous lightning, typhoon winds, rain and hail at the same time.  Unfortunately seven people were killed in the area, six of them tourists among them two children. One tourist, a Russian father with his two-year-old child was killed at the hotel next to our house.
The photos are all mine and they are in our neighbourhood.

Half of the tree missing.
 Huge wooden deck flew and dropped at our beach.

 Only trunks from the hundreds-year-old pine trees.

 I just hope this supercell won't happen again. It was something I have never seen before and my family and I were very lucky not to have any injuries or damages.Thank God!


Purple Pixie Dust said...

Glad you are all okay. big hugs

butterfly said...

Sorry about your storm , we have had a few bad ones in the last few years .
Love your post of gifted , hugs.

Clare-Aimetu said...

Your sea shell craft is lovely. What a terrible storm, so sad that people lost their lives :-(

Katie said...

I love the shell stamp pieces you made. Just beautiful. Lovely bee box. I agree we need to save the bees. Wow what a storm! Glad the damage wasn't worse for you. Weather can really be scary.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Thanks for taking part in GG this month.
You really do make some beautiful crafted pieces.
Sorry to hear about the loss of life in the storm, it looks awful but hopefully there won't be another one like it again.

Astrids dragon said...

What a perfect gift to give yourself, I love it!
I think your ring dishes and key rings look great, I like the colour you chose.
What an awful storm, so sorry to hear about the loss of life and the damage it created.

Mini said...

Wow I had never seen stamping on clay, your pieces are gorgeous.
Sorry about the storm, glad that you are safe.

jocondine said...

So sad to see all the damages and hear that people have lost their lives there.
Very clever and interesting work with stamps. You have the perfect project for next September You choose theme with bees. xxx

rosey175 said...

Bees are a big topic here in the USA too. People are encouraged to plant native "pollinator gardens" to help out. Maybe if the large scale farming wasn't encouraged to use so much pesticides, that would have an impact too!

The shell stamped pieces are such a wonderful blue! Love the way all the little bubbles turned out on them.

What a terrible storm. They are quite common here but always a mess to clean up afterwards. Hopefully you won't see another one!

My name is Erika. said...

Its nice to "meet" you. Wow, what a storm you had. It really did some damage. And I love the clay bowl impressions. Those are really really cool!

Sandy said...

I am so glad you were safe after the storm. Our storm season is about to be in the height of the season with September. I kind of hold my breath a little bit each year during this time. I know how quickly it can get bad.
I need to step away from cross stitching sometimes to do other things. I actually have a little quilt I would like to try. Cross stitching is just an easier thing to do at night when my husband is home and I can stay in the same room with him.