Sunday, 15 July 2018

Summer Postcard Blog Hop and July Gifted Gorgeousness 2018

Jo of Serendipitous Stitching, this talented and well organised person who gives us the initiative to stitch more and combine stitching and blogging gave us one more challenge. This time we had to e-mail her a postcard of something that we have stitched and it is of a summer theme. This stitched piece photo goes out to a fellow stitcher as a postcard digitally and then you receive one too. The Summer Postcard Blog Hop goes round all summer and you still have time to participate. Here is the link to Jo's blog if you want to join in.

I have already received my digital summer card.
It is from dear June of  butterfly wings blog which I have been following for some years now. June stitches beautifully but she also puts photos of beautiful flowers from her garden and lots more.
You can visit her blog here.
Here is the card I received.
 Isn't it so very beautiful?
 And here's what June wrote for me.

Wishing you were here , It’s hot and the ice cream is flowing.
Enjoy your Summer, have fun ,  hugs Butterfly
As it is the middle of July it is also Gifted Gorgeousness time. Again Jo of Serendipitous Stitching organizes this. We have to show things we stitch for gifts or stitching gifts we have received and used.
 I haven't been stitching much lately.
So I only continued on my Halloween Happiness piece which is a gift from two sides. I won the chart on Jo's giveaway and the fabric I am stitching on is a giveaway win from Brigitte from the blog At Brigitte's Place.
This is where I had stopped back in April.
And here are two photos of this month's achievement! LOL!

Also this month the Summer craftpod arrived. I decided to gift myself a whole year subscription so this is the first of the four I will receive in the next twelve months and I am so so happy about it.
This month the craftpod box included so many beautiful things I really loved them all. There is even a cross stitch pattern by Lucy from Attic24.
I am sure there is still time to order your kit or subscription!
Well that will be all for this month. I am sorry I only write once a month in my blog but I really don't feel obliged to do it any more.So I will only blog whenever I feel I have to say something. I am more of an Instagram friend so if you want you can follow me there under the name ariadnesky.


Renee said...

The postcard of June's stitching is gorgeous. Great progress on your Halloween cross-stitch. It looks fantastic!

rosey175 said...

June's postcard is cute with the little yellow pin at the top holding the bows! Definitely summery!

Nice double dipping on the GG post too, with gifted chart and fabric! The craftpod subscription is a nice gift for yourself too. The summer one has a very dainty feel to it.

Ο κόσμος της Ράνιας said...

Είναι πράγματι πολύ ωραία η κάρτα που έλαβες!! Καλή δύναμη γι αυτά που πήρες να φτιάξεις. Καλό καλοκαίρι !!! Φιλιά !!!!!

Lillie said...

Halloween WIP is looking good. Interesting things you received from craftpod.
Seem like more and more bloggers are moving over to Instagram, it's so convenient and hassle free when one is on android phones these day. Have a good week !

DJ said...

Lovely stitching! What a great gift you gave to yourself as well!! I enjoy visiting your blog!

Justine said...

What a lovely postcard June sent to you! No need to apologise for not blogging, just done leave us altogether!

butterfly said...

Thank you Ariadne for showing my postcard .
This was fun to do.
Always love your stitching and photos .

Have a lovely summer.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Thanks for taking part in the Postcard Blog Hop and GG too!

June has a beautiful garden, there's always something lovely to see including her stitching! Nice work on the Hallowe'en piece too.

Katie said...

What a lovely postcard you have received. Beautiful. Love your Halloween piece.

MartinaM said...

Oh how nice, the first card is on the way, I'm very excited, because I'm in a blogshop for the first time, and I'm very happy.
Very nice map of June,
Greetings, Martina

Astrids dragon said...

That's a lovely photo of June's stitched piece, perfect for summer.
Nice progress on Halloween, such a fun pattern.
Great box, very floral for summer.

Vickie said...

That is a sweet, perfect beach scene for you Ariadne.

Brigitte said...

Have fun with the summer craftpod.
Such a lovely postcard you received from June. I also love everything she stitches.
Great progress you made on the Halloween piece. That piece of fabric seems to be perfect for the project. I'm glad that you could put it to some good use.

I hope you are safe where you live, dear Ariadne. What I was reading today about the fires near Athens was just terrible.

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

A pretty postcard, Adriane. You've made good progress on your Spooky stitching. Your Craftpod box looks delightful.
I've been following the news about the wildfires in Greece. What a dreadful thing to have happened to so many families.

Sandy said...

I love your Halloween piece. So cute. And the postcard was adorable.

beadgirl said...

Those craftpod packages look wonderful, but I don't think I can justify the shipping all the way to me. Enjoy the summer!

RJ said...

What a lovely postcard from June. And your Halloween stitch is adorable. Great stitching. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

Tips said...

Nice Postcard und such a good Idea for this event.
Waving greetings Larissa

Kaisievic said...

Love June's postcard - she does stitch and finish beautifully, doesn't she?

FlashinScissors said...

Such a sweet Summer postcard from June, and finished so nicely!
Your Halloween piece is growing nicely, Ariadne.
Barbara x

DJ said...

What a beautiful postcard from June! I hope you are enjoying your summer. Your Halloween piece is so nice, I love all the little designs going on in the background!