Monday 27 November 2017

Paperless Post

It's that time of the year again.
Christmas is coming. I really can't believe how fast time flies.
 At this time of year I usually make my own Christmas cards and accompany them with a handwritten letter to my pen friends all around the world.
This year with my mum's condition I decided that I will write a handwritten letter when I find enough free time and that I will send digital Christmas cards to all of my relatives and friends.
I guess if you are one of them right now and you are reading this you already know that you won't be receiving Christmas mail from me!Sorry! (Unless I change my mind or I find enough time to do so.)
The funny thing was that as soon as I had decided that I wanted to send digital cards this year I was suddenly contacted by Anagram Interactive , a firm that connects bloggers with business sites  and was offered a free trial of Paperless Post, a firm that has digital Christmas cards and all kinds of cards and invitations. They also have a paper branch.
I was offered to try their paperless branch for free and express my opinion and so here it is.
Their site is really user friendly and I made my own Christmas card along with envelope, postmark etc.
I won't be telling you all the details so that at least my Christmas card to you is a bit of a surprise.
There was a great selection of fonts, settings and designs to choose from and I really enjoyed changing the background and the setting of my card till I finalize it. The changes are saved so you are not afraid to lose what you have created.
You can upload a family photo to make your card or you can simply use one of the cards they have. There are some exclusive designs too made by world famous artists.
I really loved the process so  I can say that Paperless Post is an amusing way to make digital Christmas cards.

I can't really say if it is cheap or expensive as mine was for free but you could try and see for yourself.
In Greece it is not very  common to send digital cards but people do not really care in sending real cards either. For me who so much enjoy sending and receiving cards especially at Christmas this is really something new.But I admit that the last few years my mail has been a disappointment as far as Christmas cards is concerned as more and more people have stopped sending cards altogether.
What are your plans for this year's Christmas cards?
(I was in no way compensated with money to write this review. My opinion is totally honest. This blog review was written after communication with and in collaboration with Anagram Interactive.All the photos are from the Paperless Post site.)


Tiffstitch said...

Neat idea and thanks for the link! Nice to be able to give their service a try.

Brigitte said...

I used to send out lots of Christmas cards but that was many years ago. But the increase of postage particularly for letters to other countries made it impossible to send out cards to everyone. I think electronic cards are a very nice replacement.

Lillie said...

Paperless is the 'in' thing now, LOL
I used to sent cards and living in a multi racial country like me, we have 4 major Festivals running throughout the year and yes, you can imagined the amount of cards that are being sent out 4 times a year. I still sent out cards but to those close and dear. With phone technologies like Whapps (& groups) and FB? electronic cards seems to cover everything and no fear of forgetting someone too. Personally I prefer cards for the personal touch.

Astrids dragon said...

I haven't sent out cards in years, I just never seem to make the time for it.
Thanks for the info, that sounds like something to look into and actually send something out!

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Sounds an interesting site. I sometimes struggle to find cards I like so this might be a suitable alternative.
As you say, fewer people seem to send cards nowadays.
I love sending Christmas cards but following a family bereavement earlier this year, I won't be sending any this year.

Sheryl said...

I love sending and receiving Christmas cards, not a custom here in Spain at all. The electronic cards are gorgeous but I prefer one in hand to put in the sitting room and admire during Xmas. I have a whole suitcase full of cards that I have saved over the years which my kids used to love looking through.